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Every entrepreneur should start blogging

This story was originally published on Fast Company 27th August 2015 If you’re an entrepreneur—or an aspiring one—you may think blogging is the last thing you’ve got time for. And you might be right. After all, there’s no immediate business value to be drawn from writing regularly, and it takes away the time you might…view article

Hosting Node.js apps on an AWS EC2 instance

Until recently, Sharemark’s website was hosted on Heroku while the rest of its services were hosted on a dedicated AWS EC2 server. A few days ago we’ve made a decision to move the website, that was built using Node.js, to our dedicated server. Since our server is a simple LAMP stack, we had to configure it…view article

I Turned A Two-Week Side Gig Into A Successful Startup

This story was originally published on Fast Company 9th September 2016 I’ve worked on my fair share of products that didn’t quite make it. The process for coming up with ideas for them was always the same: Sit at home, think of things people might willingly pay for, choose one, and run with it. Unsurprisingly,…view article

Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript

Introduction JavaScript is a powerful object-oriented programming language, however, unlike many traditional programming languages, it uses a prototype-based OOP model which makes its syntax foreign to most developers. In addition, JavaScript also treats functions as first-class objects which may cause further confusion amongst developers who are not familiar with these aspects of the language. That’s…view article